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The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the front portion of the eye. It covers the pupil (the opening at the center of the eye), iris (the colored part of the eye), and anterior chamber (the fluid-filled inside of the eye). The cornea’s main function is to refract, or bend, light. The cornea is responsible for focusing most of the light that enters the eye

How does the cornea help you see?

The cornea plays a key role in vision. Its main job is to help your eyes focus. The cornea has a slight curvature. As light enters your eye, the shape of the cornea refracts (bends) it. The curve helps your eye focus on objects that are close or far away.

What are the layers of the cornea?

The cornea has five layers:

  • Epithelium: The epithelium is the outer layer of the cornea. It stops any material from entering the eye. It absorbs oxygen and nutrients from tears.
  • Bowman’s layer: This thin layer connects the epithelium and the stroma, the next layer.
  • Stroma: The thickest layer of the cornea is behind the epithelium. It’s made up of water and protein. The stroma is elastic (stretchy) but solid. The stroma gives the cornea its domed shape.
  • Descemet’s membrane: This thin layer separates the stroma from the endothelium.
  • Endothelium: This single layer of cells is between the stroma and the aqueous humor. The aqueous humor is the clear fluid in the front of your eye. The endothelium works as a pump that removes extra water that the stroma can’t absorb.

What are common corneal disorders?

Disease, infection or injury may damage your cornea. If that happens, scars or discoloration can form. This damage can block or distort light as it enters your eye. Your cornea can also become cloudy, and your vision may blur.

Cornea problems include:

  • Dry eye: Some people’s eyes don’t produce enough tears. Dry eye can cause discomfort and vision problems when the cornea is affected.
  • Keratitis: Keratitis can result from an infection or inflammation. Contact lenses are the most common cause of keratitis.
  • Scratches: Small corneal abrasions (scratches) or other corneal injuries typically heal by themselves. A deeper cornea scratch or eye injury can lead to scars or problems with your eyesight if you don’t get treatment.
  • Corneal dystrophies: More than 20 diseases fall under corneal dystrophies. These conditions include keratoconus and Fuchs’ dystrophy. They can cause structural problems with the cornea. You experience cloudy vision the layers of the cornea are irregular or because material builds up on the cornea.
  • Uncommon cornea problems: There are many other corneal diseases, including ocular herpes, a viral eye infection.


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