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ICL surgery is being widely used today for permanent glass removal as an alternative to LASIK surgery by Ophthalmologists worldwide. LASIK surgery comes with its own limitations and cannot be done for every patient. As LASIK treatment is done by laser on the cornea, to remodel the shape of the cornea , if your corneal shape is not fit , cornea is excessively thin or if your refractive power is very high , then LASIK is not suitable for you. But glass removal is more needed and desirable for those of you who wear very thick glasses because of having a very high power. Thus medical technology has now incorporated a new method to correct this high power. By placing a lens inside the eye , we can completely correct any amount of glass power to give you crystal clear vision without your glasses. Imagine waking up in the morning someday, opening your eyes and being able to see the time on your wall clock, without having to search for your glasses on your bedside! Magical isn’t it?

Before Surgery​

After Surgery​

Spectacle free life have many benefits:
1. Cosmesis
2. Playing sports like cricket, football
3. Engaging in heavy fitness workouts in the gym etc
4. No problem of fogging while wearing mask
5. Swimming
6. Wearing sunglasses of your choice
The list goes on……

Most people actually gain a line or two more than their vision with glasses post ICL surgery due to reduction in optical aberrations seen in High powered thick glasses.

So what is ICL ?

ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens is placing a thin lens inside your eye to correct your eye power permanently.

Can I get ICL done?

A thorough examination is done by your surgeon to check wether your eye has enough space to put the lens. If yes, then you can definitely get it done. It requires your eye power to be stable for last 6 months.

Is ICL surgery painful?

It is an absolutely PAINLESS SURGERY. The only pain patient feels is because of fear and anxiety. If you are comfortable with your Doctor and keep telling what you are feeling, your doctor will guide you through a completely painless, smooth and comfortable surgery. The surgery is done by putting a drop in your eye to anaesthesise your eye. Post this you shall feel no pain. Mild burning or pricking may be ocassionaly felt which is easily tolerable.

Will I face any problems after ICL?

If we check thoroughly with multiple scans, the shape of your eye for adequate space and take correct measurements to place a lens of exact size , there should hardly ever be problems. In very few patient there can be rise in your pressure post surgery where you may experience sudden pain, which will immediately subside with medication. In a even few patients in the long run cataract formation may occur which though not desirable can be easily treated with surgery. Thus, even though a few problems may arise in very patients, its overall a very safe surgery today. All problems can have solutions and be treated and there is no permanent harm that can be caused to your eye.

What are the restrictions after ICL surgery? can I work post surgery?

1. You can rejoin office the very next day after Surgery
2. A little irritation, redness may remain for 7 days which will be reduced by the eye drops prescribed
3. You can bathe/wash your eyes after 7 days
4. You can go out with protective goggles from next day and without goggles after 7 days
5. NO SWIMMING FOR 3 MONTHS 6. Regular drops need to applied for 7 days 7. You can lift heavy weights/exercise/work on the computer and phone/watch tv and go out from the very next day

What should I chose LASIK / ICL surgery?

It is best for your treating doctor to take this decision based on your eye scans. Your doctor will suggest the best option for you based on your age, your eye power, your eye and corneal shape.

The ICL procedure will be performed at a Day Procedure Centre.  Your anaesthetist will discuss aspects of your general health and the procedure with you after you have been admitted.

The anaesthetist will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure by giving you sedation. Anesthesia eye drops are used to numb the eye, and a small instrument is placed between your eyelids to prevent blinking.  While you will see some bright lights from the microscope, you won’t see the actual procedure taking place.

During the procedure, the customised lens is placed into a special injector, through which the doctor inserts the ICL.  After being inserted, the ICL unfolds and is positioned inside the eye.  Usually, the opening will close on its own without the need for stitches.

You will spend around two to three hours at the Day Procedure Centre after the surgery rather than spending 20 to 30 minutes in the theatre.  After the procedure, you will need someone to pick you up and stay with you at home while you recover.

Each eye is treated at least one week apart.

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