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Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Mr Laha in his late 40’s, a resident of Panagarh was suffering from decreased vision for the last 2 years. He went to Disha, ASG and many local clinics where he was told that he had developed cataracts in both eyes. But they were refusing to operate on him. Reason? He had a very high power in both eyes  which made his surgery extremely complicated and risky. He visited us within the first month of our opening, seeing our ad in the local newspaper, mentally depressed and seeking hope. He was pleasantly surprised when the expert team at Dvita eye care in Cataract department headed by Dr Priyansha Chatterjee correctly diagnosed his problem and with the advanced technology and surgical expertise successfully operated on both his eyes within a span of 15 days. Today Mr Laha has crystal clear vison without glasses. He has started to see his professional and personal life with a new vigour and has ever since referred many patients to the hospital . Panagarh now has a new beacon of hope when it comes to eye problems. A One stop solution for the simplest to most complex eye diseases.

Baby of Selima Akhtar had arrived in this world battling a million odds. Born prematurely, with breathing difficulties, she was in the nicu since the last few weeks. The broken down family was only gathering back their courage, as the baby was finally recovering after a long stay in hospital when their pediatrician delivered another bad news. Premature babies are extremely prone to an eye condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity which needs to be diagnosed and treated immediately, else child will be blind forever. The anxiety peaked when they discovered there were no retina specialists treating this condition in entire Paschim Bardhhaman. Waiting for a doctor to come from Kolkata or Taking the baby to Chennai/Hyderabad would cause delay in treatment. Fortunately, someone informed them that Mission Hospital had recently collaborated with Dr Krishna Kanta Roy of Dvita Eye Care who had been successfully treating such babies. They immediately rushed there and Dr Roy performed timely Laser in both eyes of the baby. Today the baby is 3 months old, has started smiling and follows her mother’s face. Dvita Eye Care, Durgapur was able to prevent a life from getting pushed into darkness forever. This is what we work for. This is our reward.

Ms Swati Kumari hailing from Ranchi, a 22 year old young, vibrant software engineer in Bangalore visited us with a request. I want to get rid of my glasses. I asked why? She said. Doc! I am trying to lose weight. I want to go to the gym, swim, play TT. And everywhere my glasses fog/fall/or is a constant hindrance. Please remove these crutches for my eye immediately doctor. She was in tears. She didn’t want to get the surgery done elsewhere because she wanted to be close to home while she recovered. We performed LASIK on her and the very next day her life changed. She told me, she had been wearing glasses for so long, it had become a part of her identity, she never realized everything that she was missing in her lifestyle, looks and confidence because of it. Dvita works to replace a smile with tears on such faces. This is our biggest reward.

“My name is Bijeta Rajak .

I am very satisfied with IPCL TORIC done by Dr Priyansha Chatterjee Madam . The whole procedure was done very professionally nice operating techniques and good service of patients .

Gave very personal attention to our queries.

Good doctor and latest technology instruments and the staff behaviour is very good .

Clean and spacious hospital.

I am recommending to other people to visit here .all type of eyes problem solve here . Thankuu so much dr priyansha chatterjee for IPCL TORIC surgery”

First NABH Accredited Hospital in this region

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