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Laser vision correction - Lasik

Lasik surgery is widely used today as one of the most popular methods of permanent glass removal by Ophthalmologists worldwide. In India it has recently gained huge popularity, as the number of youngsters wearing glasses is steadily on the rise thanks to our professional demands of working long hours on the computer/laptop screen and our personal lifestyle modification where we spent 4-6 hrs on our mobile phones through out the day.
Wearing glasses usually begins early on in our lives for the majority and by the time we are 18 years after which we can undergo LASIK procedure, we have gotten so used to living with our glasses that we don’t see it as a problem. However, one fails to realise that Glasses are like CRUTCHES without which we are diabled completely. If you cannot see anything even for a second without being dependent on something, it is best to recogonise this as a problem and get rid of it immediately.

Spectacle free life have many benefits:

The list goes on……

What We Do


Standard Lasik Surgery

Standard laser vision correction surgery uses the prescription in a pair of eyeglasses as the basis to correct vision. It does an excellent job of reducing or eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Custom Lasik Surgery

Custom LASIK vision correction surgery is done by using advanced wavefront technology to evaluate the unique characteristics of your eyes. Custom LASIK uses the excimer laser that reshapes your eye during the vision correction procedure.

Trans PRK

Lots of advantages for Trans PRK.One is touch less: no suction, no flap, no incision. Others are safe,that means high corneal stablility,fast that is treatment in one step,short healing process with fast regeneration of epithelium.

Alcon Wavelight EX500

Device with maximum precision and minimum treatment time. That is 500 laser pulser per second. Perfectly safe and reliable eye tracking at high speeds. Smooth corneal surfaces for extremely small spots. Gentle tissue ablation for intelligent cold laser.

Digitalized Services

Your information will be stored digitally, safe and secure for a better and ease experience.


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LASIK Procedure

For quick and minimally –invasive treatment, rapid recovery of visual acuity and effective for near sightedness and far sightedness and without glasses.

Get rid of Glasses

Get rid of your glasses and feel the power of vision without spectacles.

It uses LASER technology to treat the cornea (black part of the eye) and remodel its shape according to the amount of power you wear in your glasses

Since we are permanently changing the shape of your cornea with laser treatment, we have to be very careful to check wether your cornea is fit for surgery. For this a Pentacam test is done preoperatively. An experienced surgeon can read the test results to determine wether undergoing LASIK surgery can result in any problem today/in future. This is the most important criteria. If not judged properly, it may result in extreme thinning of cornea in future and may cause you problems down the line.

Another important thing is that your power should be stable for the last 6 months before undergoing LASIK

It is an absolutely PAINLESS SURGERY. The only pain patient feels is because of fear and anxiety. If you are comfortable with your Doctor and keep telling what you are feeling, your doctor will guide you through a completely painless, smooth and comfortable LASIK surgery

“ You may have 999 problems in the world, getting a LASIK surgery isn’t one of them”

If we check all reports thoroughly before surgery, you are expected to have no problems after surgery. This surgery permanently corrects your power and you will not have to wear glasses to see in the distance ever again. But you have continue to be under regular check up with your eye doctor.

  1. You can rejoin office the very next day after Surgery
  2. A little irritation, redness may remain for 7 days which will be reduced by the eye drops prescribed
  3. You can bathe/wash your eyes after 3 days
  4. You can go out with protective goggles from next day and without goggles after 3 days

Contoura is nothing but LASIK which is customized to the shape of your eye. It may be beneficial for few but its NOT MEANT FOR EVERYONE.  Pentacam results help us decide who fits the profile for Contoura.

In a few cases where we see the corneal shape is not perfect for LASIK cuts, we can do the treatment from top of the cornea, by not making any cuts. This is called EPI LASEK

By removing a thin layer of cornea from top and then performing the laser treatment. It may cause some pain in the post operative period. The pros and cons will be discussed by your doctor if they feel your eyes are better suited for this procedure

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